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Lift HER

Join the Color Rush Studio monthly kit club. Each month we will release a new kit. Quarterly, we will release a kit that is inspired by and extraordinary woman who has made a significant impact the lives of those around her. Our company was founded because of the three incredible women I met through scrapbooking.


We want to celebrate someone you love by telling her story, how she has influenced and inspired you and why she needs to be recognized. Whether she is a mentor, friend, family member, or someone you admire from afar, this is your chance to shine a spotlight on her incredible achievements and contributions.


Together, let's lift and empower the inspiring women in our lives. Click the link below to nominate the woman who has left a lasting impression on you. Help us celebrate her and share her story with the world! We will do our best to build a kit that is a special as the women who inspire it, but the real intent is to spread love and recognitions to those who deserve it.

We will feature this incredible woman by sharing her story, pictures and video (if possible). As well as shower her with some gifts in the mail!


Nominate Now and Spread the Inspiration




Meet Nancy,

HER Story

Our August kit was inspired by Nancy! Nancy is the kind of person you want to walk beside you in life. She is an amazing, Mother, Daughter, Sister and friend. Her scrapbook business A Scrappers Eden is responsible for bringing so many women together in community and friendship. She has held position on the city council and been an advocate and volunteer in the community. She fought and beat cancer over 10 years ago and she now uses that experience to help others through that their tough season. She is someone you can always count on, no matter the circumstance. Her loyalty knows no bounds. Kindness flows naturally from her heart and soul, as she treats everyone with respect, compassion and empathy. She has a knack for brightening the room with her infectious humor. She has a gift for making you laugh on the toughest days. Her witty remarks and playful banter make every moment you spend with her joyful and uplifting. She has a big heart and lives life selflessly. She never hesitates to offer time as a volunteer in the community, give of her resources and provide emotional support to a friend or stranger. As an amazingly hard worker she is beyond dedicated, very determined and is always striving to be her best self. When it comes to scrapbooking, she travels with "Her girls" at least twice a year for a scrapbook retreats. Her craft style is unique to her, and you can spot her design a mile away. 

I chose Nancy as our first LiftHER collection because her scrapbook store and our friendship is where I found my love for all things crafty and the best friends that have supported me through some very difficult times. There is no way to sum up such an incredible soul in a paragraph or a story. She is simply put... is good for the soul. She has made such a beautiful impact on my life, and I couldn't imagine my world without HER!


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