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Through the eyes of gratitude...

we see what is there instead of what isn't. Gratitude even in our toughest times can be medicine to our souls. When I am struggling it's the first place I try and go because there is always something or someone to be grateful for. With Thanksgiving next week we thought we would share some gratitude journal prompts for you as a way for you to not only document your memories, but your feelings. We will be sharing inspiring ways over the next week to reflect and share gratitude for the ones we love. Join us and play along by following our social media stories, posts and reels!

Today, tell one person how important they are to you!


1. Write about three things you are grateful for today and explain why they bring you joy.

2. Describe a person you are grateful to have in your life and why they are important to you.

3. Reflect on a happy memory that you are grateful for and explain why it still brings you joy.

4. Write about a challenge or setback you faced recently and find something positive that you can be grateful for in that experience.

5. List five simple pleasures in your life that you are grateful for and explain why they bring you happiness.

6. Write about a skill or talent that you possess and express gratitude for it.

7. Reflect on a place that holds special meaning for you and explain why you are grateful for it.

8. Write a letter of gratitude to someone who has made a difference in your life and express your appreciation.

9. Describe a lesson you have learned from a difficult experience and express gratitude for the growth it brought you.

10. Write about a book, movie, or song that has inspired you and express gratitude for the impact it has had on you.

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